The 3rd Week of our SEA Prep Camp

On the first day of camp this week the students were placed into two groups. We focused on Mathematical practice, direct proportion, the metric system and the perimeter of triangles. We also did some Grammar skills on parts of speech and did some work on indefinite pronouns. The Standard 5 students also worked on SEA practice tests and ELA Writing.


Tuesday started off with some warm up exercises which the students always enjoy. We went straight into work after, focusing on perimeter and compound words.


On Wednesday we introduced multiplication and V.A.T. Then we moved on to suffixes and the exclamation mark. The Standard 5 students also completed their practice tests.


Thursday we continued working on V.A.T. and we also looked and the relationship between multiplication and division as well as fractions. After lunch we did comprehension and focused on graphic representation: the flow chart. Most notebooks are finished so we had to get more for our students!


Friday was a super fun day to end the week. We started with our warm up then settled down for work. We did Mathematics in the morning: Geometry- Types of Angles and Statistics- Pie Charts.
After lunch, the students were treated to some reading skills and motivation with a guest appearance by founder of CARE Parenting and author of “If I Can, You Can Too!” Marsha L. Riley. The students were thrilled with her reading of Keshorn Walcott’s story.
They were each treated to an autographed copy of her book which also features the stories of John Rahael, Ria Ramnarine, Meiling. They were truly inspired and some of them sat down to read the book until their parents came!
They were even excited to have Jessie-Leigh, Marsha’s daughter, share her experiences and simply play with them after! Get your copy of the book and support the wonderful people who made this day possible!


More photos of Aunty Marsha’s visit!

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