Fourth and Final Week of Camp!

Our last week of camp was fantastic!

On Monday we began with Mathematics and focused on Decimals: Place Value and Expanded Notation. After lunch we went on to Grammar Skills: Relative Pronouns and Demonstrative Pronouns.


Tuesday we continued Grammar Skills by looking at Interrogative Pronouns. Next, we went on to Vocabulary and Spelling: Homographs and Homophones. After lunch we worked on Converting Decimals to Fractions.

On Wednesday we continued by Converting Fractions to Decimals. Next, we did ELA Writing: The Writing Process. After the lunch break, we learnt about Direct Questions and changing statements to questions. We also focused on Poetry Comprehension and Senses.


Thursday we went on to Measurement and studied Time. Students learnt about the 24-hour clock and how to both add and subtract time. We continued ELA Writing, focusing on both Narrative Writing and Report Writing.


Friday was fantastic! The students were truly excited as we asked them to dress as their favourite character, bring their favourite book and a favourite toy.
We started the morning with work as usual. The students learnt about Money and Calculating Discount.
Then, they had lunch and we had a fashion show and dance party! Next, each student presented why they chose their characters, books and toys. Finally, they were treated to some snacks courtesy Spiderman and they also enjoyed the ice cream we had in store for them.
We took some group pictures and had a marvellous time. Sad to see each of our little campers head home after the festivities but we look forward to seeing some of them at our SEA Prep Classes in September and at SEA Prep Camp next year!


Have a look at our group photos!

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