Unchanged aspects of the SEA Paper in 2019

A lot of parents and teachers are wondering about the changes coming to the SEA paper in 2019 and beyond. We will shed some light on this.

Firstly, here is what won’t be changed:
Placement Criteria
ELA Writing
Time Allotment


2018-01-08 (1)

2018-01-08 (2)

One thought on “Unchanged aspects of the SEA Paper in 2019

  1. ALEPH EDUCATORS became a part of our home circle after receiving a gift certificate for our daughter to attend SEA Prep Classes. We had reservations about adding another class to the already existing hectic schedule, but we decided against all odds to grasp this opportunity. It was never regretted!!!!!
    After the first class our daughter bubbled with enthusiasm and excitement. She passionately spoke about her tutors and the wealth of knowledge she gained.
    I could immediately feel the motivation and positivity. Each tutor had a unique style of imparting knowledge along this journey,instilling encouragement in any form or fashion, ensuring that the fullest potential was met. Your kind words, your observations even if in the simplest form mattered to my girl and pushed her further.

    ALEPH EDUCATORS I highly recommend your service to the wider public. Thank you and the best in your future endeavours. God Bless!!!!

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