Changes in the SEA Paper 2019

A few days ago we spoke about what WON’T be changed in the SEA exam from 2019.
Let’s continue talking about what WILL be changed in 2019.

  • Reduction in the number of items in Mathematics and English Language Arts papers.
  • Adjustments to the total raw scores for ELA and Mathematics.
  • Explicit connection between thinking processes and the objectives that are assessed for English Language Arts and Mathematics.
  • Incorporation of Money as a component under the Number strand in Mathematics.
  • Assessment of spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, and grammar in context.
  • Inclusion of prose/fictional passages as part of reading comprehension.
  • Increased emphasis on reading comprehension.

We will be going through these things and more. Let’s help prepare your young ones. Contact us for classes soon!

2018-01-08 (3)

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