Newsday Vacation Worksheets

During the July/August vacation you can get copies of the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday SEA Study Series in the regular Tuesday paper!

The purpose is to provide students and parents with an easy transition from the old format to the new 2019 format. The focus during this period will be tutorials and worksheets, which are produced by Aleph Educators.

It will run for 6 weeks starting from Tuesday 10th July, 2018 with Volume 45. Last date will be Tuesday 14th August, 2018.

The Newsday Study Series resumes its FREE deliveries to schools in the second week of the new school term in September, 2018. During the first term we will begin practice tests in the new format.

SEA Study Series Vol 45 front page a

6 thoughts on “Newsday Vacation Worksheets

  1. Thanks for the information. How can one organize for the free delivery of papers to a primary school in the new term?

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    1. Hi Lesanne, thanks for your interest! The school can call Newsday’s circulation department at 607-4929 and request it. They must provide the following:
      School Name
      Principal’s Name
      Number of Copies Requested


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