Narrative Writing – The Plot

In the ELA Writing paper of the SEA Examination you are sometimes asked to write a Narrative story based on three (3) given topics.

After choosing your topic, start thinking about the plot of your story. The plot includes the events that happen in a story. Every great story has the following:

1. The Exposition (introduction)
In the beginning of your story you introduce your main character and the setting in which the story is happening.

2. The Rising Action
You can then start describing events that lead to your character facing a problem or an exciting experience.

3. The Climax
Here, you write about the most difficult or the most exciting event your character experiences.

4. The Falling Action
You then let your story wind down as your character solves the problem or the exciting experience ends.

5. The Resolution
Finally, you write an ending to your story, which is also called the resolution.

Think about a story you have read and imagine the different parts of the story.

Use the Plot Organiser below to draft the plot of your next story.

content the plot
Topic Explanation


content the plot 4
Plot Mountain


content the plot 3
Plot Organiser

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