2018 SEA Prep Camp

Our SEA Prep Camp 2018 was a success. We had a full camp and our campers enjoyed themselves while learning.

2nd day of our SEA Prep Camp. Tutors and students working and having fun.

The lovely view at our SEA Prep Camp hosted at Estudio events and entertainment in Vistabella.38722205_2008793746098190_6344112273279156224_o

Day 3.

Some of our lovely girls.38769157_2010961005881464_8854349215581601792_o

Last day of the first week. I must say these kids are awesome..paired with awesome tutors it doesn’t get much better than this.
Today we worked on Report Writing skills and Mathematics.
At the end of the session Ms. Joseph did a fun and engaging assessment of the week’s work called Musical Hot Dog.
We all had a great time…couldn’t wait for Week 2!

Started off our second week of camp on a rainy Monday morning.

Lovely weather at day 8 of our SEA Prep Camp. Here’s a pic of some of our awesome young men.39284453_2017884488522449_7637778383002140672_o


Our last day of camp today and sad to see them go. Got some shots of our campers with the tutors. They each got a book as a little token.


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