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Newsday SEA Study Series Volume 86

Get your copy of the SEA Study Series Vol 86 free in this Monday’s Newsday: Monday 29th July, 2019. Topics include: MATH -Unequal Sharing -Volume -Symmetry -Block Graphs LANGUAGE -Spelling Words with IE and EI -The Comma -Nouns -Antonyms -Graphic: Flyer WRITING -Organisers -Describing Setting -Descriptions in Reports -Sample Essays Purchase the Newsday at any … More Newsday SEA Study Series Volume 86

Run-On Sentences

A run-on sentence is made up of two or more complete sentences that are joined together incorrectly. Sometimes, the sentences may have an incorrect comma between them. This is called a comma splice. Incorrect: The class reported smelling smoke, Mrs. Ramjohn escorted them to the muster point. Sometimes, the two sentences may have nothing between … More Run-On Sentences