Newsday SEA Study Series Volume 89

Get your copy of the SEA Study Series Vol 89 free in this Monday’s Newsday: Monday 19th August, 2019. This is the last Volume for the vacation period. We will resume in the second week of September with alternating worksheets and SEA practice tests. Topics for Volume 89 include: MATH-Fractions-Mass-Patterns-Pictographs LANGUAGE-The ‘J’ Sound-The Colon-Verbs-Context Clues-Graphic: … More Newsday SEA Study Series Volume 89

Christmas treat

As the term comes to close and we prepare to celebrate Christmas we had to plan a little treat for all our students in our Unicomer Kids Rule class and our SEA Prep Classes. Happy holidays!   On the last day of our SEA Prep Classes we had a little treat for the kids. Merry … More Christmas treat