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Would you like to be a part-time SEA Tutor at one of our day-time centres?We’re hiring. Join our team.Classes begin in September in Central Trinidad.Centres run between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.Email your CV and cover letter to info@alepheducators.comUnsuitable applications will not be acknowledged.

Newsday SEA Study Series Volume 86

Get your copy of the SEA Study Series Vol 86 free in this Monday’s Newsday: Monday 29th July, 2019. Topics include: MATH -Unequal Sharing -Volume -Symmetry -Block Graphs LANGUAGE -Spelling Words with IE and EI -The Comma -Nouns -Antonyms -Graphic: Flyer WRITING -Organisers -Describing Setting -Descriptions in Reports -Sample Essays Purchase the Newsday at any … More Newsday SEA Study Series Volume 86

Run-On Sentences

A run-on sentence is made up of two or more complete sentences that are joined together incorrectly. Sometimes, the sentences may have an incorrect comma between them. This is called a comma splice. Incorrect: The class reported smelling smoke, Mrs. Ramjohn escorted them to the muster point. Sometimes, the two sentences may have nothing between … More Run-On Sentences

SEA 2019 Success!

We would really like to congratulate all our students, parents and tutors for working so hard and being successful in the 2019 SEA Exam. Some of our students were with us from Standard 4 and some started in Standard 5 and we are extremely proud of them all! With 100% pass rate these are the … More SEA 2019 Success!

Types of Angles

An angle is the size of the arc between 2 lines. Angles are measured in degrees. Angles are used to measure either the amount of turn or rotation an object makes OR the size of the internal angles within plane shapes. Types of angles are defined by the size of the angle between the 2 … More Types of Angles

June Wednesday Classes

Please be advised that due to the public holidays in June our regular Wednesday class for those days are scheduled for the Tuesday before the holidays. Wednesday class dates: Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 12th, Tuesday 18th, Wednesday 26th.

Unequal Sharing

Unequal sharing occurs when a quantity is shared unequally among two or more persons. After sharing they receive different amounts. In some questions an amount is divided among 3 persons with each person receiving a different amount.

2018 SEA Prep Camp

Our SEA Prep Camp 2018 was a success. We had a full camp and our campers enjoyed themselves while learning. 2nd day of our SEA Prep Camp. Tutors and students working and having fun. The lovely view at our SEA Prep Camp hosted at Estudio events and entertainment in Vistabella. Day 3. Some of our lovely girls. … More 2018 SEA Prep Camp

Newsday SEA Study Series Volume 89

Get your copy of the SEA Study Series Vol 89 free in this Monday’s Newsday: Monday 19th August, 2019. This is the last Volume for the vacation period. We will resume in the second week of September with alternating worksheets and SEA practice tests. Topics for Volume 89 include: MATH-Fractions-Mass-Patterns-Pictographs LANGUAGE-The ‘J’ Sound-The Colon-Verbs-Context Clues-Graphic: … More Newsday SEA Study Series Volume 89