“My son started the SEA Prep classes in September 2017, I have seen great improvement which was reflected in his end of term test.”

-Dawn Scott


“Just wanted to say thank you to the wonderful staff at Aleph…my son improved in his last term test after struggling for quite some time. With only a few weeks with you all, his confidence and his interest in his school work has been renewed. Compliments to you all on your high standards and tremendous level of professionalism….I highly recommend you all to any parent that truly wishes for a marked improvement in their child’s education.”

-Vidya Jairam


“My son was very comfortable in the classes and found the staff to be very nice. Having had to face a lot of negative reinforcement in the public schools, this is a refreshing change.”

-Denise Kamal


“My son is high functioning autistic and has challenges in primary school. He requires individual attention and guidance when copying work from the board. He does not have a teacher’s aide and his usual teachers are not trained to work with special needs kids so it is a struggle for everyone . He is also resistant to changes if he feels uncomfortable. I enrolled him in the SEA program with fear that he would refuse to cooperate. To my surprise I saw a transformation in his attitude and personality. He was very excited to get up every morning and get dressed for camp. The change in environment from a noisy, hot, crowded classroom he is usually in to a calming, cool environment with a smaller class and the teachers who were so patient, understanding, playful yet focused helped him to quickly settle and try harder. I was grateful for all the school notes being printed and sent home so that I can revise with him since usually when in school he has problems copying from the board and ends up with incomplete in his books. I will highly recommend Aleph to anyone who wants their child to get that individual attention and support. Their love and commitment to improving and educating our special needs kids makes a great difference. Thank you Aleph.”

-Susan Bachan-Ramrattan